My 2013 wishlist for Second Life

  • 80 people in a mainland sim
  • Distribution quota so that each parcel (>255 sqm > 2) on the mainland is always accessible.
  • Tier reduction
  • moderation tools
  • moderation based on TOS
  • Linden Lab unmuted
  • Linden Lab finding a single platform for communicating with residents
  • Pro-active griefer reduction by Linden Lab, policing
  • A Jira that gathers errors instead of covering them up
  • A Jira that welcomes improvement suggestions
  • A new policy for the Linden Memorial Park and re-opening
  • Clean up of micro parcels
  • Clean up of abandoned parcels
  • Clean up of parcels owned by inactive residents, plenty of oceans
  • De-activation of new (*) accounts that do not enter world in two days
  • Noob micro learning continent where noobs are forced to remain for one week
  • A forum that is no longer Béta
  • that is out of Béta
  • Webcontent more tablet friendly
  • Scalable sims: Optional more/less residents/prims = higher/lower price
  • Linden Lab Gaming Viewer (LLGV)
  • Resident created games for LLGV
  • Linden Lab Communicator Client (IM/Voice/Groups without in-world avatar)
  • Pro-active copybot policing (used client, use of proxies)
  • UDP(*) type implemented for SL (i.e. SLDP, blocking of SL ISP side)
  • Life membership reward if premium >5 years
  • Tier-free 1024 sqm when Life Member
  • LL attaches it’s hired developers with a life maintenance contract
  • Easier ticket escalation towards Linden Lab
  • Return of the quarterly Linden Lab report, more in depth
  • Linden Lab that treats it’s residents for what they are. Owners and creators
  • Linden Lab that acts as a trusted provider
  • A TOS that protects the residents
  • World peace!

ETA: Flying over parcels that are Full

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One Response to My 2013 wishlist for Second Life

  1. vickforcella says:

    Some clarification/ motivations as requested here:
    80 in sim = It’s possible on a private region, with lot’s of lag.. perhaps 80 is too much but more as 40 should be possible.
    Linden Lab unmuted = Linden Lab speaks! (as opposed to almost total silence we “hear”)
    Jira = it was broken and now it’s double broken. If LL is able to moderate the Forums they can moderate the Jira. I can not contribute to the Jira any more as I can not see entries of others/
    Clean up of parcels = It’s UGLY! U. G. L. Y. ! Fill it with mole buildings or whatever but do something cos it’s sooooo UGLY!
    The development of both The Forum and my.SL (and has closed without ever being finished and it’s noticeable. If the Jira would work I’d enter a wishlist on what is broken.
    Scalable sims is already a fact but that can be exploited more.
    LLGV = A limited viewer where the developer (see below) places limitations on the avatar and it’s capabilities. Death can be possible, Tools would not work, HUDS can be forced wear, Appearance can be forced. A true Gaming experience would be possible.
    Games for LLGV = A developer creates a game experience for an owned sim and can ask a fee for access. The sim can only be accessed by the dev and it’s staff, and LLGV users.
    LLCC = Since isn’t getting the users (cos it’s Béta) we should be able to use communications outside SL, behind a corporate firewall.
    LL developers = are getting “dumped” when the primary tasks are done (Teddy Linden) and development stops immediately. LL should try and keep them on some sort of leash when additional development is required.
    Ticket escalation = With support tickets it’s close to impossible to escalate towards Linden Lab. Even when I try to make clear “push the red button !” it just doesn’t happen leaving giant holes open for abuse. Even security issues won’t escalate. Harassment also won’t escalate. The only way to escalate is to “use and abuse” known contacts and that is BAD (c).
    LL treats = LL treats residents as cash cows, at least that’s my feeling perhaps totally incorrect.
    LL as trusted provider = LL is not and does not deserve that title and they should aim for that.
    TOS = There is no protection for residents in the TOS. There are tokens worth a few million or more us$. There is no uptime guarantee. There is no set time limit for critical bugs. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever in the TOS that protects the user. Just some vague non enforcible statements. There are no SLA’s, none. If LL would be a b2b provider they would be without clients.

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